Dog Poop Caddy - Walk Star / SlyPod™
Dog Poop Caddy - Walk Star / SlyPod™
Dog Poop Caddy - Walk Star / SlyPod™
Dog Poop Caddy - Walk Star / SlyPod™
Dog Poop Caddy - Walk Star / SlyPod™
Dog Poop Caddy - Walk Star / SlyPod™
Dog Poop Caddy - Walk Star / SlyPod™
Dog Poop Caddy - Walk Star / SlyPod™

Dog Poop Caddy - Walk Star / SlyPod™

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CALLING ALL DOG OWNERS: be equipped when nature calls!

Our covert dog poop caddy lets you walk your dog in stealth mode by keeping your dog's "turdy little secret" tucked away on your outdoor walks and travels when trash cans are unavailable.

  • One caddy for all-sized dog poop. Use your WALK STAR / SlyPod™ caddy to carry different sizes of dog poop with our adjustable silicone design – be it for small dogs or large ones. 
  • An airtight lid to eliminate odour. Finish your walks unbothered with a locked-and-sealed lid that traps foul stenches inside.
  • Hands-free & covert. Comes with an aluminum carabiner that clips to your dog's leash or harness for a portable experience and low-profile look.
  • The hygienic solution. No more worrying about what might have gotten on the outside of the bag. Keep those germs locked up inside.
  • Easy to clean. Our caddy can be cleaned with dish soap and water. It's also top-rack dishwasher safe. 
  • Made to last. If your caddy doesn't hold up to those hefty loads, let us know. We'll send you a free replacement!

Take that proverbial load off your hands and enjoy your walks with WALK STAR / SlyPod™. 

Measured capacity *approximate: we can not guarantee our caddy will work for all large breed dogs due to individual differences; however, we have some very large customers, including Great Dane, Bernese and Cane Corso breeds!

  • Small breed: holds 3-5 poops
  • Medium breed: holds 2-3 poops
  • Large breed: holds 1 poop

Product Dimensions:

  • Width: 9.5 cm/3.75"
  • Collapsed Height: 3.8 cm/1.5"
  • Expanded Height: 11 cm/4.3"
  • Weight: 97 g/3.4 oz

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Ships out in 1-2 days from our Amazon partnered warehouse. The average time in transit is approximately 2-5 days.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Courtney Hoftyzer
Absolutely perfect!!

We absolutely LOVE this product! It’s very durable clip and all to be attached to my dog’s harness while out hiking as well as attached nicely to the leash for treat pouch… it has 3 pull out sizes so I don’t have to pull it all the way out if my dogs have a small poop… ALSO! It keeps the smell of poop locked inside! So while we walk 6km or more without the access of a trash can we don’t have to smell it!

Hiking Hero

It is exactly as photo shows. Perfect size for a large breed poop making life so much easier. It keeps smell in perfectly, I forgot to throw a bag out after a late night walk and had no idea till the next day. My hiking hero.

G Marks
What a nifty little invention!

Item exactly as pictured. Good quality. Delivered quickly. And so nice to be able to continue my dog walk without a poop bag in hand. My pup is 30 lbs and I can fit in 2 pick ups on a walk. No smell either.

Brenda Williams
Dog Poop Caddy

It’s so good to have

It’s hard to find garbage cans now I don’t need to be looking for garbage cans because I have the Dog Poop Caddy

Never walking a dog without one again

Whether you're walking in the city or on a trail, there isn't always a garbage can close enough when your dog decides to poop... Love that it collapses down so I just keep it hanging on my bag until I need it, then it's so easy to pop open. A lot of others I looked at were very bulky even when empty. It's great to be both hands & smell free for the rest of your walk while still being a responsible pet owner & picking up after your dog! I have 2 medium sized dogs and can easily carry their 2-3 poop bags at a time. You don't even notice when you're carrying it and it's full - so just remember to empty it when you do get to a garbage can! Haha this thing really does contain the smell though, so even if you forget to empty it right away, you won't smell it!!! I'll never walk my dog without this ever again. My only advice is to get one for anyone else you regularly walk with, otherwise you'll end up being the designated poop carrier.....